Everyone needs tools to help them progress through life’s challenges.  Here are some examples of what has helped me in the past.  This collection is a fluid work in progress, so expect to see more examples if you check back to this page at some point.  I hope some of these may help you as well.





Suppose you’re feeling depressed or anxious, and you really need to think of some ways to clear your head or distract yourself.  This graphic organizer helped me to make a list of activities, places, or ways that I have used to help me cope with anxiety, depression and stress in the past.  Although one could also just make a list of coping skills, the categorization by letters helped my mind trigger ways that I could cope more easily, and thus help me widen my tool belt.

Below, notice how I completed the organizer.   Some items would be easy to use for coping, and others challenging.  I can divert myself to check Facebook or begin journaling in a matter of minutes or even seconds.  Although I can’t see all of Chris Porter’s comedy special on YouTube, I could watch a clip.  A trip to Paris (which is under the letter P) is on the other extreme, and, although it definitely serves as a coping skill, is not easy or inexpensive to arrange.


I suggest you play with it and find what works the best for you.  Here is the link to download:

ABC’s of Coping