Couples and Marriage Counseling

Couples often pursue counseling to assess problem areas and process  through hard issues with a third party mediator.  Counseling sessions for couples are usually offered in extended time lengths that may vary from single sessions up through day-long intensives.

Therapy is an effective resource that will  assist couples in repairing patterns of poor communication and time-built resentments. Couples may also seek coaching to strengthen areas that need that extra bit of assistance from an objective point of view.

Relationship stuctures that are more than two often struggle with natural jealousy  

Relationships are the focus of couples counseling.  Although the specifics of each situation can vary greatly, many of the communication challenges that couples face share common characteristics regardless of gender, orientation and lifestyle preferences.  Some of the areas that are commonly addressed include:

 *Communication Issues


*Extended Family Issues

*Mid-Life Challenges

*Relationship Negotiations


*Divorce Prevention


*Amicability After Breakup/Divorce