Police sirens ring throughout Paris as I sit in shade by the Place of the Bastille at a busy intersection.  The memorial of the French Revolution was not a far walk from Charlie Hebdo, and I cannot help but think of “the violence inherent in the systefacebook_1470344189360m,” as Monty Python so comically put it so many years back.  What else can we do besides laugh, one asks.

I think of Turkey, and now Dallas, and I am saddened.  My ex brother in law, Jeff Compton, wrote a good response to  systemic violence that’s worth a read.  He discussed the complicity of those of us who do nothing while systems abuse,  much like the bystander who does nothing in the presence of a bully.

The memorial beside me only serves to reinforce the idea of bloodlust being birthed from profound abuse and neglect.  I plan to visit tho Louvre soon, which will, hopefully be a reminder of a more loving and gentle side of the brain,  a less dark side.  But the Bastille is ever close to all of us.

(July 8th, 2016)