ACTION #Inspire180

Yesterday I was skirting Facebook for some minor entertainment when I came across Laurie Sutton‘s instagram journey in which she’s taking a word a week that she shares and challenging friends and peeps to post a photo or video associated with the word she posts. Instantly, I thought this would be fun, except my first thought was to add writing to the mix. I’ll also try to evolve my very green Instagram chops – I downloaded Instagram for the first time like maybe two weeks ago? – but I’ll have a lot of fun writing.

biker-384921_1920 (1)Laurie’s first word is ACTION, which right away reminds my of Dr. Phil’s Life Law, “Life Rewards Action.” I keep copies of his son’s published Life Strategies for Teens at the middle school where I work because I couldn’t agree more about most of the life laws that are espoused. Indeed, life does reward action. I’ve found this to be more true as I’ve gone through more life events. The more choices and opportunities I take, the more life rewards.

As a younger person, I was much much more afraid to take advantage of opportunities presented to me, also having a somewhat unhealthy fear of the unknown. Both time and challenges to my belief system have served to evolve me into a person who more strives to make acting the default choice rather than “wait and see.” If my Myers Brigs Type Indicator personality test is to be trusted, I’m a perceiver, which means I like to have as much information as I can before I make decisions. Unfortunately, this can serve as a way to not make decisions at all as well.

I can remember one of the most intense times the ACTION button was challenged with me was when I was living in Hurst with Jennifer and my kids, and Jennifer had just gone through a Millenium 3 workshop, which was an experiential group transformational training passed down from 70’s icon Werner Erhard’s est trainings. Being a time of embracing negative thought for me, I was challenged not to meet her excited reports of how her life was being changed by smug dismissal.

This was challenged one day when my bluff was called about whether the trainings would be beneficial. I was given fifteen minutes to take the training and see for myself, but for free. I could not continue in my current attitude without taking this offer, so I accepted, and the rest was history. The training class in which I participated forever changed my life, and I began to embrace the belief that I am responsible for creating my own experience.

One small act transpired into the evolution of a more positive belief system that I’d held before, and therefore reinforced the idea that “life rewards action,” which Laurie reminded me of this morning. I am heartened in remembering this because too often life’s challenges distract and even derail me from purposed motivation to create my own experience for results that I want. Reminders
such as this are helpful tools to create the best head space.

For Instagram enthusiasts, here is Laurie’s challenge:

Join me on a fun instagram journey that will help us notice some of the inspiring things we see around us everyday. I’d love for you to join me and share a little piece of your world and your unique outlook!
Each week, we will use an inspiring word starting with A and going to Z. So for those keeping track, that’s 26 weeks…roughly 180 days!

Here are the simple specifics:

1) Take pics or videos associated with the word I share each week. (Feel free to post once a week or several times.)
2) Use ‪#‎inspire180‬ and tag @littlelauriesutton so we can all follow your journey.
3) Be inspired by what you see and what others share!